Elivette was founded in late 2020, in response to a need for a skincare line that is clean, natural, efficient and as effective as the facial treatments one gets at their esthetician. The founder, Tarryn Teresa has always been an entrepreneur, business advisor and angel investor with little time on her hands. Sitting down for a weekly or monthly facial was the last thing she wanted to do, as her time was better spent building and supporting businesses.  However, investing in her skin through at-home treatments and care is how she started to fine-tune the ingredients, approach and expected results of her own skincare line. With expectations high, a demand for flawless results, without implementing toxins, Parabens, and keeping the products vegan; the Elivette line was formulated. Designed with the most discerning woman in mind, who values grace and edgy elegance, as much as she does results.  Results that aren’t just superficial, but also address the underlying issues of our skin, ensuring a reversal of environmental damage and aging.  Inspired by the timeless influence of Coco Chanel, Estee Lauder, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Grace of Monaco, and those alike, Elivette has it’s own place in a contemporary worldwhere it echos the poise of these influences, as well as the strength, resilience, and game changing ways of their presence.