Elivette was founded in late 2020, in response to a need for a skincare line that was made from high quality ingredients that are ethically sourced locally, products that are formulated fresh to order which ensures less waste, free of toxins and parabens, biodegradable formulas that can be rinsed away with no environmental impact, cruelty free, shipping solutions that reduce waste and payment options that help off-set a customer's own carbon footprint. All while ensuring the effectiveness of products that deliver outcomes that exceed customers' expectations. The founder, Tarryn Teresa believes that skincare doesn't have to be complicated, just effective. "Simplicity is key and if we can streamline our morning and evening skincare routine, then we should." Through single products that address multiple concerns, Tarryn Teresa hopes to do just that. With expectations high, a demand for flawless results, the Elivette line was formulated.